The Weirdest Addictions From Around the World


Addiction is a state of body and mind which happens to many people around the world in multiple forms. It can be a very tragic thing to happen since there are many illnesses related to certain types of addiction. Here are some of the weirdest addictions that we have come across.

Music Addiction

Yes, you’ve read correctly – MUSIC addiction! One Swedish guy can get a disability leave for his enormously high addiction to heavy metal. Believe it or not – he is allowed to boom his headbanging tunes while working as a dishwasher, and even to be absent from work in order to attend metal shows (but he must make it up later). Although he admitted having this kind of problem, he is not to be received in something like Music Addicts Annonymous since there is no such thing. He is among the small number of people having this kind of addiction. But while we were googling this topic, we came across many articles on the subject. This one will make you laugh.

Video Games Addiction

Video games are extremely present in our lives for more than 20 years. They have been digitalized and inserted into every aspect of our lives – haven’t you recently seen some google games for specific occasions? You cannot avoid them even if you try really hard. Player consoles equipped with modern motion detection, online multi players and endless varieties of games also boosted the presence of the video games in our lives. Video games provide some dangerous consequences – even little children under the age of 10 can murder one another in a game. It is documented that people have committed suicide because they lost a game which was highly important for them. Others died from exhaustion after sitting in front of a computer for more than three days straight when the heart failure happened with the final game over. This addiction is serious and must be understood in that way since it can cause some serious consequences to people around us.

Piercings and Tattoos

Body changes have already gone so far that some people don’t even look like their previous selves! Some people are obsessed with their piercings all over their bodies, that they decided to pierce even the tiniest part of their skin – and they enjoy it! Others, still, go for the tattoos in every inch of their body – they say that they can’t stop until the entire body is covered. They even go so far that they get tattoos on eyeballs or even tongue! Isn’t that painful, guys?

Plastic Surgery

It became almost normal to see people who are changed via plastic surgeries. Some people don’t even admit it as a form of body modification at all. The types and the number of possible plastic surgeries have become nearly endless; there is always one more thing to do in order to look absolutely perfect! Many pull the facial skin back to eliminate wrinkles, others are sucking the fat out of the stomach or injecting chemicals under the skin. There are all kinds of implants for breasts, arms, muscles, abs, calves, etc. Ironically, all these operations can result in pretty much opposite effect. They can result in disfiguring diseases, anatomically incorrect figures, and even death – these are plastic surgery failures that hit victims who couldn’t get enough of it or just tried to get them all, which is the almost impossible thing to do.


This is one of the most difficult addictions ever admitted. It is traditional and long-standing activity even considered as a hobby or someone’s career. But, it is most often not profitable. On the contrary, gamblers usually lose some of most of their funds by gambling and continuing it after all – because it is not that easy to stop with it. The gambling weekend with friends doesn’t actually stop that easy nor fast – some people literally gamble away their life’s money in the casino. There are many support groups on both online and offline gambling addicts and rehabs which can help the people with this kind of addiction. Internet gambling made it harder since everyone has an access to it, but it is still possible to fight it. Experts confirm that gambling addiction can be as harmful as a drug addiction – addicts have stolen for it, committed suicide and even murdered over debts made in gambling.

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