How to Stay Sober During Social Drinking


If you Cannot Avoid Occasional Social Drinking, Do Your Best To Stay Sober

Holidays give people a reason to celebrate, and no party would be complete without booze. You are among friends exchanging laughs and stories about the past and what you want to do in the future. Everything around you is festive, and you easily get soaked in the celebratory mood. Parties take your mind off your problems temporarily and give you that much-needed respite for a few hours. You’re offered a drink here and there, and being no party pooper, you graciously accept each glass and savor the liquid. This is the typical scenario where you indulge in social drinking and a lot of socializing. But before you dress up for a night of fun, you may want to prepare a ‘game plan’ for yourself to get the most out of the celebration. Although there is such a thing called a little harmless drinking, it is highly possible that you would be in at least a drunken state in just a matter of time. So, take this piece of advice seriously even if you are used to drinking alcohol, because it may save your life or of someone else’s.

Consult your doctor for your medications

Consult doctor

If you are currently on medication, it is wise to check with your doctor first if there are restrictions. Some prescription drugs interact and therefore, cannot be taken with alcohol, or perhaps there should be proper spacing between your scheduled dose and alcohol intake. Whatever it is, it’s better to be safe than sorry, because you wouldn’t want to see yourself throw up or develop rashes when you’re in the middle of a party.

Drink while eating

Never drink on an empty stomach, otherwise, the alcohol will head straight to your stomach lining and clash with your acids. Not a very pleasant experience and downright inconvenient. Take in something before sipping your first glass, and continue taking small bites in between your drinking.  Ideally, eating foods loaded with proteins and carbohydrates can help promote your body’s alcohol absorption.

Know what you’re drinking

The alcohol content of drinks vary, so one may have a stronger and faster effect than another. Don’t go around accepting drinks being offered if they are unfamiliar to you or if they give you a sudden uncomfortable sensation or feeling after taking a sip. Even a simple fruit punch can slowly get addicting and before you know it, the alcohol effects start kicking in subtly.

Be aware of your intake limits

Know Your LimitsOnly you can tell how much alcohol your body can take without having to feel any telltale sign of tipsiness.  People have varying intake tolerance, based on how they have ‘trained’ their body to drink. Inexperienced drinkers are likely to fall prey to drunken stupors right away, so it is best to have someone sober with them to lead them out of the situation. Pace yourself and don’t drink alcohol, one glass after another. Substitute your rounds with non-alcoholic beverages for going easy on the booze.

Plan and arrange for your getting home

If you intend to fully enjoy yourself and have drinks at the party, plan how you would get home. Driving alone or taking a cab and any public transportation by yourself places you in potential danger if you would not be able to control your alcohol intake. You should not overlook the fact that whenever a person gets drunk, he has a greater chance of hurting himself and others as well.

Stay away from drinking games

The quickest and most enjoyable way to get drunk during parties is by taking part in drinking games. Whatever you do, don’t give in to peer pressure or all the cheering behind you. These games are undoubtedly fun, but they are also dangerous, even more so if you already had too much alcohol before the contest.

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Be sure you’re not in a depressed mode

Alcohol does not make you high because it is basically a depressant. Therefore, you don’t want to make matters worse by drinking while you’re feeling down. If you’re emotionally vulnerable and unstable, don’t go around drinking, thinking that it will make you feel good. The effect is actually the opposite, and you will feel terrible after. The totally unpleasant mood is further aggravated by your hangover the morning after. And so, drink while you’re merry!

Before you go off to your next party, you may want to take a sensible and mindful approach to drinking, and plan ahead. Acting responsibly enables you to enjoy life without having to worry about doing harm to yourself and to others.

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