How to stay emotionally healthy


Did you know that emotional health is all that you need in the morning to have a fantastic day? Are you also aware that everyone at a point in his or her lifetime will be or have been emotionally unhealthy?

No worries. This is the masterpiece you and your friends need to be triumphant at such times and stay emotionally healthy for the whole of your life.

What is Emotional Health?

This simply concerns your psychological well-being. That is your attitude towards things, how you feel about self, the state of your relationships and the ability to cope with hardship or challenges in general.

A bad Attitude is like a flat tire hard to move on with it. This means you must be emotionally fit for a good living.

Why is Emotional Health Important?

  • For self-confidence
  • To have good relationships
  • Gives the ability to have fun
  • Provides the ability to cope with stress
  • Helps to escape depression
  • Useful to keep you away from drug abuse

Which are the Top Ten Tips to Stay Emotionally Fit?

  • Share your problem

The mood-boosting power of eye to eye contact cannot be beaten by any other method. Look for that friend or person you trust. Share your problem with and I guarantee you before even he or she provide a solution will be feeling half relieved.

A good listener should not criticize or judge you. Be open and it will work wonders when you discuss the problem.

  • Socialize

Man is a social animal. It’s beyond no doubt that you are happy because of the people who are around you.

In the hotel, streets or anywhere just give an open smile to someone. When he or she gives it back it will warm your heart up. Be kind. This relieves stress magically.

  • Exercise

Did you know when having an exercise your body releases endorphins? This is a powerful chemical which raises your moods and gives you energy.

When you are stressed up now you got the medicine. It works quickly. I mean an exercise of 30 minutes will get you emotionally healthy all over again.

  • Make friends

Do you love football, hockey, chess, swimming etc? This is all you need when you are not emotionally fit. Go to your friends who you share the same hobbies. They will help you enjoy the time and be emotionally fit.

  • Sleeping

Sometimes you need to be alone somewhere relaxing. In bed you have time to think deeply and plan then have and sleep before you execute your decisions. It’s rare to wake up with the moods you slept in. It’s hence advisable to have a nap.

  • A brain-healthy diet

Unhealthy diets are dangerous since they have got the ability to:

  • Disrupt sleep
  • Weaken the immune system
  • Sap energy

The foods not recommended to take when you are emotionally unwell are:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sugary snacks

Instead take

  • Fruits e.g. Blueberries and avocados’
  • Nuts e.g. cashew nuts and peanuts
  • Fatty fish rich e.g. Salmon and tuna
  • Positive attitude

This should always what you should major in. It will always help you stay emotionally fit and heal if you are emotionally unwell.

Accept all you weakness. Always Use your strongholds to your advantage. Be positive and have confidence in yourself.

  • Appealing to one senses.

People do respond differently to sensory input.

Listening to an up lifting music or smelling a sweet scent can make you go calm.

I advise you to experiment and know what works well for you.

  • Pets

Everyone feels good when he or she is loved. Your pet loves you unconditionally. Play with it, feed and care for it when emotionally unwell and you will be amazed how soon you will recover.

  • Forgiveness

This is the key. To always be emotionally fit make it a habit to forgive others and yourself. Accept it when you go wrong or lose it and let it go.

  • Relaxing

When relaxing, your body can curb the stress in your mind. To always be fit also relaxing is crucial. This can be achieved by

  • Deep breathing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Muscle relaxation


Knowledge is power. With this tips, you now already have the power in your hands. Exercise them and you shall always be the example an emotionally health person.



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