Top 4 Best Rehabilitation Centers in the United States


Falling either into a drug, alcohol, or smoke addiction is one of the most heartbreaking moments that can happen to someone’s life. Not only it destroys the victim’s life, but it also severe the ties it has with their family and friends. In order to recover from this tragic chapter in your life, one must undergo the painful and emotional process of rehabilitation.

But with so many drug rehabilitations and even online coaching available around, how do we ensure ourselves that our family member or loved one is getting the best facilities and treatment to recover from addiction?

In this post, we will guide you in finding the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the United States.

1. Addiction Solutions of Florida

If you’re living in the state of Florida, then you’re in such luck. It’s because Florida has one of the best rehabilitation centers in the country. Most of the clients are able to avoid the stigma and temptation of alcohol and drug indulgence because of the training and treatment everyone had undergone in this private and confidential facility. The tranquil environment in this facility allows the promotion of self-healing and self-preservation. What’s more? All of its treatment and facilities are relatively affordable, making the rehabilitation center accessible to everyone.

But just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it provides low quality of service. In fact, most of the physicians residing here have undergone a rigorous training in order to fully understand their clients. They specialized in the long-term recovery process of alcoholism and addictions. They are also compassionate to their clients, and their vision is to help their clients get back on track for a lifelong recovery.

2. Hawaii Island Recovery

Who would’ve thought that in the remote, tiny island in East Coast of America would grab the spot as number 2 in the best rehabilitation in the United States? It seems that Hawaii is not only good when it comes to beaches, but they also have the state of the art hospital treatment and facilities. Especially when it comes to drug rehabilitation centers and treatments.

Located in the heart of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, this facility is housed with licensed medical professionals with a stellar reputation in utilizing the use of evidence-based treatment protocols, HIR treats opiate, opioid, alcohol, cocaine and many other illicit substances to treat their patients well. Not only that, but HIR professionals can also treat other underlying addictions the clients may have suffered, including food, pornography, and gambling.


Aside from that, HIR beats everyone when it comes to providing their clients a holistic, nature, and peaceful environment necessary for their self-healing process. Since Hawaii is already a nature basket itself, the clients can enjoy recreational activities in the forests, beaches, and road trips in order to restore their social interaction instead of succumbing themselves in depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

3. Hope by the Sea

Located in Southern California, what makes this facility unique is that this rehabilitation center is built with the community rather than a dedicated hospital institution. Not only the physicians here have medical professions and license, but you can also interact with community volunteers who renders their time to help their community members to heal themselves and overcome addictions.

Aside from that, Hope by the Sea acknowledges the importance of spiritual healing. That’s why if you believe in religion, it can be included in your rehabilitation process as well. They can hire employees with proven Christian and Faith-based program for you to get back to the light to heal your spiritual need, and soul. Their vision centers on the upbringing of the individual to become a better person and an asset to the society, rather than labeling them as a burden. Their one-of-a-kind compassion to their clients had earned them the third spot!

4. Betty Ford Center

You may think that Better Ford Center is an expensive and elite drug rehabilitation facility (because of most of the famous Hollywood celebrities went here for a rehab), but we tell you, it’s not. It’s also relatively affordable, and this center has been very successful in accomplishing their mission ever since in 1982. In fact, it was one of the oldest yet prominent rehabilitation centers ever existed in the country.

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