What Your Friends Are Afraid To Tell You After You’ve Gone in Rehab


One of the most tragic downfalls a person can experience in his life is becoming an addict. Especially if your addiction pertains to the dangerous ones – either drug, alcohol or smoking addiction. Not only it destroys your life, but it greatly impacts your relationship to your family and friends too. ll of a sudden you find your life turning outside down and you’re treated as an outcast or a burden in the society.

Although there’s still hope for you to recover and overcome from the deepest pits of the abyss, starting a new life can be both exciting and challenging. From now on you will work harder to gain the trust of your family and friends once again. And most of all, you’ll find yourself working hard to regain your reputation and good image back for the society to accept you once again.


As if these overwhelming thoughts and challenges were not enough, you’re also faced with the burden of the thoughts of your friends and loved ones. What are their honest thoughts and feelings now that you’ve come back from the rehab?

Here are the shocking yet honest thoughts your friends are afraid of telling you after your rehab in fear of you coming back to old ways again or ruining the confidence you’ve recently built.

1. You Shouldn’t Hang Around With Us

We’re not saying that all of your friends will say this horrible thing to you. But for some, you being a drug addict (regardless if you recovered from it or not) causes them to raise a red flag against you. They became weary and cautious of how you interact with them. They will be on the constant lookout for inappropriate acts or deed you’ll be committing.

We know these acts may hurt you deep inside, that’s why they are also hesitant to say it. For some degree, we can sympathize with their feelings. They are just afraid that they’ll end up sharing fate with you. And they became very protective of themselves as well as their loved ones.

That’s why when you’re starting over, better associate with friends who was there with you in every step of the way. Those people who were with you from the time you fell for drugs up till your remission are the ones who genuinely cares for you. They are the ones who are still willing to accept you for better or for worst. And trust us, they are the only ones who you need in this new life.

2. If You Start Using Again, It Will Be Tougher To Quit

There’s actually the reason why most people avoid getting involved in these type of addictions. Once you start, there’s no turning back. And it’s more certainly difficult if you already experience the pleasure and highness it gave to you if you were once an addict. That’s why as much as possible, they will say to you that don’t ever, go back to that path again. Why? It’s because it will be much more difficult for you to quit once you start pampering that addiction life once again.

3. I Feel Really Guilty About What I Did to You

Whatever the situation may be, your friends had somehow contributed to your addiction. That’s a fact. There are some who were the sole reason why you became an addict. It may be that they have somehow provoked you into using one. There are those friends who triggered you into turning an addict. What we mean are those people who bully or gave a hard time to you on a daily basis. So much that the burden you carry overwhelmed you and you seek on these addictions for comfort. While there are some who left and avoided you like a plague the moment you succumb to temptation. They treat you as if you don’t exist anymore.

friendsWhatever they role may be, they are certainly guilty for what they’ve done. It’s because they feel that somehow they’re responsible for your downfall. And their conscience is killing them. If they are truly genuine in making peace with you, we suggest you welcome them back in your life with compassion. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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