What Recovering Addicts Have to Offer in a Job


Recovering From Substance Abuse Means Getting Your Life Back On Track

You took the bravest step of admitting you had a problem and getting the help that you need to pull you back from the rut. Rehabilitation is not a walk in the park, but through the help of people and organizations, plus a shove from your own self, you now realize that you are making your way back to the normal, drug-free world where you have chosen to rebuild what was destroyed. Part of your gradual recovery is to get productive and start earning again. If getting your old job back is no longer an option, you still have so much ahead of you to consider, aside from being given a second lease on life. There are organizations that exist to help recovering addicts find employment.

Experts believe that recovering addicts have more to offer now than ever before because they are out to prove to themselves and to the world that they are okay and have finally taken control of their life. They are also less likely to take time off from work due to sickness and more conscientious now than they’ve ever been because of what they went through. Before looking for a new job while on your road to recovery, it is best to do the following:

Prioritize jobs in your area of expertise or interest

The recovery process entails rebuilding your self-esteem and confidence. When looking for work, initially focus on opportunities in your field of expertise and interest, so that you would not be shaken this early on by entirely new job requirements that may prove to stress right away. Stay at first with what you’re comfortable with until you are able to adjust to the working environment.

Look for a job with expectations that you can meet

Meet Expectation

It is perfectly fine not to start big by looking for work that doesn’t pose any high-stress level. There are recovering addicts who first try their hand at internships and volunteer work, or on jobs that don’t demand tight deadlines or quotas.  This will enable you to build your skills and widen your knowledge in the least threatening was possible while at the same time give you references to find other jobs in the future.


Find work with opportunity to grow

Studies have revealed that recovering addicts who used to hold high positions find it difficult and restricting to start small. That is why it’s recommended that they should find work related to their experience but of a less stressful nature so as not to jar their vulnerable state. A work where a performance metric is present and that has a reward in the end (for doing well) is a great way to help you build your self-confidence and self-worth. 

Seek a job that will support your recovery

Support Recovery

Aside from the nature of the job, you need to consider the environment within which you’ll be working anew.  You would not want to be in a place where temptation is reachable and might constantly test your resolve to get well for good. Steer clear of possible ‘bad company’ who may have vices that could lead you to take some steps backward. It is important, therefore, for the work environment to be conducive to your recovery efforts.

Find a career that matters

You should look at your new job as a stepping stone to a more significant and lasting career. A lot of recovering addicts who have gained enough self-confidence to face the world again go into motivational speaking and writing, or doing work for the centers that helped them recover.  There are likewise temp jobs that eventually lead to full-time jobs and apprenticeships in the trades that offer hands-on work. What’s important is for you to try out the opportunities until you’re able to find your niche.

In the end, while there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to getting a job while recovering, there are simple and practical pointers that you can consider to help you get back on track. It may not be that easy because it is not a one-sided effort. You have to find an employer who would trust you and your skills enough to want to give you a second chance. Once you have it, do your best to make it work.

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