Top 3 Reasons Why People Abuse and Become Addicted to Drugs


When we hear about someone we know who has become a drug addict, we cannot help but interpret them as a burden to the society. Oftentimes we’ve heard how a drug addict can commit any crimes and do anything inhumane. They felt powerful and invincible to do anything, without ever thinking about the dire consequences of their deed.

 why people addicted to drugs

But have you ever wondered what exactly drove them to stray from their path and live this dangerous life? It’s important to educate ourselves about the struggles these drug addicts face on daily basis. We believe that by understanding them, we can be empathic and help them overcome this tragic chapter of their lives. Instead of treating them like a burden in this society.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why People Abuse and Become Addicted to Drugs

1. Feeling of Emptiness and Helplessness

Most drug addicts are actually fragile beings who have undergone a rough chapter in their lives. Whether it’s because of a broken marriage and family, financial stability, pressure from expectations, these drug addicts felt overwhelmed by the burden put on them. And oftentimes, they don’t have someone who was there to listen to their problems. There was no one who they could confide in. The feeling of being alone and helplessness to take control of the situation drove them to take drugs.

For them, taking drugs became their source of comfort. It’s the only thing that can help understand them. When they take drugs, they felt as if they finally have the power to control things. Control the rough situations in their life and overcome their problems. While some take drugs to make a momentary escape from reality. To forget the problems that were overwhelming them.

2. Teenage Rebellious Syndrome

“You need to be at home by 6 pm”
“Why are you late? Where are you? What projects are you doing?”
“You’re not allowed to join the camping. You’re grounded!”

Do these statements sound familiar to you? Remember that teenagers have the enthusiasm to explore the world and be a free-spirit being. And we understand that that can be downright scary. In fact, that was the sole reason why we even put these rules in the first place. We wanted to protect our children from committing these mistakes that can ruin their lives and future.

However, sometimes the rules we’ve set can backfire to us. If we restrict our children too much, they will feel constricted and irritated. They wouldn’t like to have their every step or movement monitored by us. So make sure to give them some leeway and freedom to become themselves. If not, they’ll end up taking drugs and alcohol as a form of rebellion to show their power. They’ll end up taking the things you absolutely forbid them to do just to show who’s in control, and to infuriate you.

In order for them not to show any kinds of rebellion, be sure to take the time to have a heart-to-heart talk with them. Explain to them that what you’re doing is for their own good. And if they have some problems about the rules, ask them to voice out their opinion. Listen to what they have to say, without judging them. Giving them the liberty to actually voice out their opinions without fear gives them the feeling of acceptance, that what they say matter to you too.

3. Peer Pressure

Oftentimes the teenage life is where your child will feel lost the most. They wanted to feel that sense of belongingness, that’s why they seek their own refuge. They started seeking that circle of friends where they fit. And most likely, they ended up trying to fit in in the bad circle of friends. The peer pressure of everyone else taking drugs and alcohol while you keep yourself pure can be overwhelming. You’ll feel the fear of being an outcast if you’re not going to follow their norm. So oftentimes they found themselves giving in to the temptation.

Make sure to take the time to educate your child on how to choose the right circle of friends for them. It is also important to give them the love, care, and attention they deserved. If they felt secure about your love for them, they won’t be tempted to stray and live the dark path.

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