Myth Busters 101: Rectifying Misconceptions on Alcohol Drinking


You deserve nothing but the truth – everything about booze drinking! Many findings have already been released to the public that concern alcohol, alcoholism, its effects and treatment – intensifying previous data gathered and proven by different pools of experts and professionals.

So whether the goal is to prevent a hangover, limit calorie intake, or throw caution to the wind for an all-out rager, many alcohol drinkers follow a set of “time-honored rules” to get through a night or drinking with limited negative consequences. And while each may sprout from a kernel of truth (or at least logic), they’re not exactly rules to live by. Catch the following myths and misconceptions.

1. Did you know that, “Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker.” is not actually true? In fact, the order in which you drink booze doesn’t even matter.

2. And switching between beer, wine and liquor all in the same night will not make you more drunk than usual. In fact, it’s all about how much you drink. The amount you drink matters more than the type of drinks you consume or how you mix them. Drinking too much of any alcohol too quickly can make you sick, whether it’s wine, beer, or liquor. No matter what you’re drinking, pacing is key.

alcohol myths3. Many blame it on alcohol drinking when it comes to weight gain and a so called “beer belly” but, did you know that the alcohol isn’t actually the sole culprit of making you gain some more pounds. The studies refer to a difference in the way alcohol is metabolized in the bodies of the drinker. As for the “beer belly” that’s just a result of accumulated calories you consumed over a period of time.

4. Vomiting helps you sober up and prevents hangovers. Theoretically, getting rid of alcohol that hasn’t yet been digested means it won’t be absorbed by the body and can’t contribute to tomorrow morning’s headache. However, science says that alcohol absorption into the bloodstream begins almost immediately, so getting rid of the likely small amount in vomit probably won’t make much of a difference—if you’re already at that point, there’s likely already too much alcohol in the body’s system to escape that hangover the next day.

5. Breaking the seal means you’ll have to pee more all night – increasing the number of times you’ll have to go to the bathroom throughout that night. Fact: Alcohol is a diuretic, so it’s already going to make you pee a lot. “Breaking the seal” the first time will not increase the amount of times you have to go to the bathroom, but drinking lots of alcohol will.

6. Some claim that alcohol can make you hallucinate, especially if you’ve been drinking absinthe. However, you have to know that though absinthe has high alcohol content, it doesn’t contain hallucinogen. This myth has historical origins, but it is now believed that early absinthe-related hospitalizations were due to alcoholism, not hallucinations.

7. Sucking on a penny as well as some mints, batteries, protein, and cigars will not totally help you pass a breathalyzer test. This myth came from the belief that copper somehow conceals the alcohol and fools the breathalyzer test.

8. Alcohol is an aphrodisiac. It actually doesn’t improve your performance in bed. Additionally, it may be more of a challenge to arouse and reach orgasm because many kinds of alcohol dulls body sensation. In fact, alcohol, in general, affects blood flow to the male organ which limits sensual drive and abilities.

9. They used to say that diet soda and alcoholic drinks don’t make you drunk. Contrary to this popular belief, diet soda causes the body to absorb alcohol quicker, making you drunker faster than you would have been if you actually mix it with regular soda.

alcohol myths 210. Coffee and a cold shower will sober you up. Debunking the myth that jolting and brisk will banish sleepiness and reduce the effects of alcohol, but the wake-up call treats only the symptoms—not the cause—of fatigue brought on by a late night of drinking. Technically, you can’t cure a hangover with a cup of coffee, a cold shower, some fresh air, good food, or even exercise. Remember that the only way a person sobers up is over time.

Drink in moderation, be a responsible drinker, or better yet, don’t drink booze at all. Hope you could do it because believe us, you can survive without alcohol.

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