LOOK: WWE Superstars You Didn’t Know Were Saved By Rehab


What most WWE fans see is the glittery and glamorous side of the mega sports and entertainment show. Well, what they don’t know is that many of their favorite WWE superstars wind up in rehabs due to heavy substance abuse.

Be it drug or alcohol addiction of wrestlers, there is nothing new or phenomenal. Truth be told, their drug addiction is an open secret to both viewers and organizers, and to their millions of followers spread all over the world. However, some WWE superstars get so much addicted to certain substances that they end up in rehab. Here are some of the much loved and hated WWE legends who had to visit rehabs for getting back to life.

Kurt Angle

The Wrestling Machine had to face the most intense battle of his life after getting booked for the fourth time for being under influence. He then understood that it was high time for him to get some real help. He was even released by the WWE because he refused to go to a rehab.

He picked up three more arrests for driving under the influence while he was in a contract with TNA. Angle admitted much later that he actually learned a lot during his days in rehab and could easily get rid of the heavy emotional pain.

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes revealed during the American television series Total Divas that she spent her days away from the WWE in a rehab. Rosa was reportedly sent off the ring as her excessive partying and it didn’t go well with the officials of WWE.

Afterward, she landed in a rehab and now leads a happy life with her partner, musician-entrepreneur Bobby Schubenski. The two have a baby girl, Jordan Elizabeth.  Surely she doesn’t know about her mother’s rehab days as yet.


X-Pac is yet another famous wrestler who has faced troubles a number of times outside the ring. His friend, Triple H, offered him help because X-Pac was going out of control due to heavy substance abuse. He even came very close to death and also wanted to commit suicide once.

Finally, he was admitted to a rehabilitation center in Texas with help from his friend, Kevin Nash. He came out clean after spending a few months in the rehab. He admitted that the rehab facility changed his life for good.

Joey Mercury

His story is one that is mixed with many twists and turns. Mercury admitted to having a severe drug and alcohol problem and admitted to suffering from this problem since the age of 15. With this addiction came 3 overdoses and a handful of car accidents. After leaving for rehab, Mercury once again became addicted to painkillers upon his return due to a nasty face injury.

The WWE had seen enough and Vince McMahon (out of all people) had a huge intervention with Mercury before his release. Joey credits McMahon for saving his life. In 2010, Mercury would come out of retirement and join “the Straight Edge Society”. He would later play a huge role in developing young stars in NXT. Mercury is responsible for creating the faction “the shield”, arguably the best action to come out of the WWE in over a decade.


How many of you can still remember the Goldust entrance moment? If you are the so-called 80s kid, you can probably recall the glittery gold robe that he used to don and his very unique and flamboyant style.

However, the WWE superstar admitted later that he had gone through both thick and thin. He openly confessed that he used to spend all his earned money on drugs and banned substances. He reached rock bottom and things went completely out of his control. He sought help from his father and was admitted to a rehab. His comeback to WWE rings is one of the greatest comeback sagas ever.

The life of a pro wrestler can be a pretty chaotic affair. With the constant travel and action, it’s easy to lose yourself and stray off the healthy road. It is a life filled with partying, alcohol and drugs which a number of wrestlers over the years have fallen victim to today.

Good thing, our folks above were able to overcome the habit and get back on track.

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