Lack of Motivation Is the Main Reason Why People Fail To Beat Drug Addiction


Dealing with a drug addiction is often a difficult matter, particularly for people who are not motivated enough to quit the habit. People just feel they do not have what it takes to beat their drug addiction. They have never bothered to look for the inspiration they need from many well-known personalities who had battled a comparable problem and had motivated themselves similarly. Famous names like Drew Barrymore and even Justin Bieber have been involved with drug addictions. Drew has successfully overcome her addiction while Justin is still engaged in a battle. Beating an addiction can be difficult, especially for people who have not defined their reasons for the quitting or devised a plan to draw on the help they need from support groups and counselors during the period of withdrawal to begin life again without the use of drugs. How can people motivate themselves finally to beat drug addiction and begin to face life all over again? Following some of the steps mentioned below will prove helpful for people who are dealing with this problem.

“I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” – Charlotte Brontë

Set the Goals Needed To Beat Drug Addiction

If you are looking forward to beating drug addiction you must understand it is essential for you to set a goal to quit the use of drugs. You may not be able to do it at once but having an objective in mind will help you to begin listing your next steps.

Making a List Of The Harmful Effects Of Drug Addiction Is Also Helpful

When you begin writing down a specific list of the matters which are negatively affecting your life can prove beneficial in helping you. You are advised not to concentrate on the general terms of the addiction but write down your individual experience and the changes you have seen in life since the addiction took over. It will be difficult to observe your noting but the list can guide you through the tough steps which will definitely be following.

Write down The Physical Responses You Feel When You Continue Remaining Addicted

You will be aware of the withdrawal symptoms which will affect you when you decide to quit. These symptoms cause a reaction within the body which is opposite to how the drug made you feel when you were using it. You need to write down the changes you have seen within your body when using the drugs to compare them with the changes you will see when you are in withdrawal.

Evaluate Whether You Have Been Abandoning Responsibilities

Drug Addicts are known to neglect responsibilities such as going to work, attending to family requirements, paying bills and other activities within the household. When an individual is addicted to a specific drug, his or her world revolves around using the drug, recovering from the effects of the use and thereafter getting more of the drug. An addiction is not experimental or recreational but is a compulsion which needs intervention in order to bring it to an end.

Have You Been Stealing Or Lying To Others?

Stealing and lying to others and members of your family and friend is quite common among drug addicts who often looks forward to indulging in such activities with the objective of getting the money they need to pay for more drugs. Admitting such acts will be difficult but will have to be overcome in order to beat drug addiction.

“Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” – Carrie Fisher

Write down Any Positive Changes You May See When You Quit

After you have written down about the negative aspects of the drug addiction begin focusing on how your situation can become better when you overcome the problem with drug addiction. This will give you an idea about how your life will change after you beat the drug addiction. All the notes you make will help you to notice the positive, and the negative impact’s drug addictions can cause and motivate you to begin your journey to defeat a problem which is affecting your life negatively.

Getting Professional Help 

Beating drug addiction by going cold turkey is never advised because the chances of relapsing are higher. You should be to holding consultations with a doctor or even a specialist who can help you to deal with chemical addictions and guide you on the treatment options for the specific drug addiction you are dealing with. The doctor may recommend you to a rehabilitation center to begin the withdrawal process under medical supervision. This is particularly important if you are withdrawing from opiates or benzodiazepines. Withdrawing from these substances can be agonizing and on occasions even dangerous.

Check Into A Rehabilitation Facility 

Withdrawal symptoms from barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines and drugs like cocaine and crack can be life-threatening and cause seizures apart from respiratory failure, strokes and convulsions. The individual affected can also suffer from other side effects, which can make life uncomfortable by causing anxiety and hallucinations. It is these symptoms which keep you returning to the cycle of addiction and the best place for you to recover will be available in a rehabilitation facility where you will receive assistance from the professionals. You may also be required to begin meeting a counselor because individual and group counseling are included among many treatment programs, which are focusing on chemical addictions.

After you have made a comprehensive list of what you are and what you expect after you have undergone the treatment it will be easier for you to remain motivated because the list would have given you a sense of direction which you never had before. If you successfully manage to beat drug addiction with the list, you prepared you could easily become an inspiration within your friends or colleagues could be going through a similar problem.   





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