How Do You Go from From Meth Addict To Brave Mama


Drug addiction is no joke.

If you’ve had it so easy to get involved with it, quitting is another story. It has been proven that though getting off drugs can really be challenging, it has been possible. Many already succeeded heading their way out and some of them have even become advocates of many recovery programs sponsored by either the government or other private institutions.
Many of them have already attested that turning their back unto this dilemma is never easy but sharing their recovery stories and transformation photos are even more inspiring and admirable. For one, it takes courage and commitment to be able to share what you’ve been through and how you’ve finally gotten over alcohol or drug dependence.
We’ve dedicated this post to motivate drug dependents that they can also overcome addiction and survive this dangerous temptation. So, meet this now empowered woman who successfully recovered from heroin and meth addictions as well as the challenges she faced before, during and after her recovery programs. Believe me, her stories are truly inspiring, catch it here.

Dejah Hall is one brave mama. 

The 26-year old from Glendale, Arizona became popular after posting her before-and-after drug addiction recovery photos. Her bravery to admit that she used to be a heroin and meth dependent has generated positive feedback, especially from netizens around the world. Some even commented that her being able to quit was something to be proud of. But her sharing her “tale” to social media to inspire others that recovery is possible was even more amazing.
The “survivor” posted her dramatic transformation photos on her Instagram account and captioned it as “4 years #Clean, Recovery is possible! 12/6/12!” 
In an interview, she once said that she was a monster in every way, not caring about anything or anyone anymore. Hall also revealed that she first struggled with addiction to pain medication when she was just 17 years old.
“I was partying with a friend and I took a pill for the first time and due to stress and issues at home, it just went downhill from there,” she said. “I was taking up to six prescription pills at a time every single day before I reached a point at 20 years old where I wanted to get off them.”
And this eventually progressed to a stern addiction to heroin and meth respectively, from initially smoking the drugs to getting convinced to inject them.
“I couldn’t stop. All I wanted to do was numb myself. I wanted it so desperately that nothing else mattered. Every minute of the day I just wanted to get high.” She didn’t even care whether she’d still live or die. All she wanted was to get numb and stay high!
She said she was literally deceived by drugs. “It’s like I was killing myself. I was very skinny at around 95 pounds (43 kilograms) but I still felt like I looked beautiful. That is the deception of the drug… but you know, you are not beautiful on that stuff,” she added.
Her turning point was when she visited her grandfather in December 2012 during his birthday. He said what has happened to her pained his granny so bad. And yes, as expected, it was indeed her wake-up call.
She rushed to the restroom to burst the emotions she had inside. Seeing the monster she had become over the years has made her hate herself more. “I was just disgusted with the person I was and I broke down. I prayed and told God ‘look I don’t know if you’re real but I really need you to save me right now’,” she shared teary-eyed.

Then two unfortunate things happened…

One, she was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. Then, two weeks later, she was informed of the bad news – her grandfather passed away and she was put in jail. These certainly have made her redirect the path she takes and finally decided to quit and live a life that God wants her to have.
drug addict inspiring story 2“I know God is using me as his vessel, I know what I want for my life and I know that helping others obtain sobriety is one of those things,” Hall posted on her Facebook. “These pictures are humiliating and show the real effects of drugs, but that doesn’t have to be your reality!”
“Right now, I don’t crave for those drugs anymore. I don’t hang with those people anymore – people on those drugs don’t care. They really don’t care,” she said.

Lesson Learned.

Catch more of her recovery stories and life’s lessons by following her page and get the inspiration every drug dependent needs.
It’s worth a read, right? No wonder, her posts on social media went viral and acquired thousands of likes, shares, and even positive comments, too.

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