Inspire Yourself To Overcome Drug and Alcohol Recovery Myths


If you are combating a problem with drug or alcohol abuse and have finally decided to lead a healthy life one of your biggest challenges will be to overcome the myths which are being circulated. Before choosing a treatment plan for yourselves you are advised to conduct some research about this problem without which you would find it impossible to inspire yourself to give up your obnoxious habits.

Some of the drug and alcohol recovery myths which are spoken about can make you wonder. It may even lead you to believe you should never consider these programs because they could have a detrimental effect on your life. Let us look at some of the myths, which are often spoken about.

 We expect teachers to handle teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and the failings of the family. Then we expect them to educate our children.

-John Sculley

You Can Lose a Job If You Go Ahead With the Treatment

If your employers are aware of the problem you are dealing with chances are you will receive adequate support from your employees. A number of them have employee assistance programs, specifically for employees who are struggling with the problem of substance abuse. You do not have to share any information about the reasons why you have elected to use the EAP program by the company. Only in the case that you have been creating problems during working because of substance abuse. Then you will be referred to the EAP program by your supervisor who will be participating and monitoring your recovery.

Family And Medical Leave Act [FMLA]

You should be looking forward to understanding the kind of coverage available to you under the FMLA act because the act allows you 12 weeks of job-protected unpaid leave within a 12-month period. The FMLA act applies to employees who are unable to perform active duties within his or her job.

A number of employers are known to consider issues with substance abuse as a serious health condition. The qualifications needed for FMLA coverage are eventually decided by the employer and may include some stipulations as mentioned below.

  • The individual must have worked for the employer for at least a year.
  • He or she must have worked for a minimum of 1250 hours during the past 12 months.
  • The total employees within the workplace must be more than 50 and the location within 75 miles.

You look at any culture, and prohibition has invariably been an unmitigated failure. It is just idiotic to criminalise any substance, I think.

-Rhys Ifans

Vacation time

As individual and forward to overcome drug and alcohol recovery myths, discretion would definitely be on your mind and if your employer does not offer benefits such as EAPs and FMLA, you may consider using your vacation time to undergo the recovery. It can also help you with covering the cost of the treatment, particularly if you receive paid vacation time.

I Cannot Afford To Gamble With Drug and Alcohol Recovery Myths

The treatment for the condition you are dealing with be just as expensive as the substances you were abusing. However, the costs are not generalized, and you can always come across low-cost recovery options where the expenses will depend upon the program chosen. Every program will have various options for making the payments. You can contact the clinic you have decided for the treatment to understand whether any insurances programs held by you are acceptable for the treatment. If you do not have the insurance, you should be looking forward to contacting the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] in order to obtain information about policies for payment. Rest assured several options for the recovery will be available to you despite the lack of insurance.

Is Substance Abuse Treatment A Quick Fix For Addiction?

abuse treatment is definitely not a quick fix neither is it similar to having a drink within your home or looking for a drug dealer who can provide you a fix. The treatment requires plenty of effort on your part and the type of efforts you are willing to put in after the treatment also matters substantially. The length of the rehab program will depend on your needs and the level of which your addiction has advanced. The treatment program you have chosen will give you all information that is needed. It will also provide you some evidence about how they convincingly treated former patients. However, the inspiration you need to continue will depend on the reasons why you have decided you want to overcome some of the drug and alcohol recovery myths, which are commonly spoken about.

You are advised to have discussions with various clinics within your locality in order to decide whether you want to get involved in an inpatient recovery program or prefer an outpatient program which is also available. The costs of the treatment will vary along with the methods which are used. Perhaps the sole requirement which will not change will be the need for inspiration, which will be a primary factor and will decide whether you can indeed overcome drug and alcohol recovery myths.   




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