Incredible Before & After Drug Addiction Transformations


After sharing the “Faces of Addiction” campaign which was designed to show people the disturbing effects of heavy drug addiction has on the appearance of addicts here, we wanted to show you that there is a way back. It may be a long, difficult and winding road, but it is very much worth it.

This campaign, also by, is here to show us another kind of before and after photos. This time, quite less tragic. These are people who have managed to recover from a severe addiction and to get their lives back on track.


Some facts that we thought were important for you to know, is that most of these people have tried drugs for the first time before the age of 18, and the first drug they tried was marijuana/weed/pot, until trying heavier drugs shortly afterwards. In fact, over 44% of Americans up to 12th grade have tried smoking marijuana, as an astonishing 6% admitted to using on a daily or near daily basis.

It is a common misconception that since Marijuana is natural it is better than alcohol or other drugs and even healthy, but that is not true. The drug is currently the most common illegal substance used in the United States as over 94 million Americans have admitted smoking pot at least once, (and that is not including the ones who didn’t admit). In fact, according to a world drug report issued by the United Nations in 2008, roughly 3.9% of the world’s population aged 15 to 64 years old abuse marijuana.

Have you ever asked yourself why people do drugs? The people in the following info graphic described the first time they smoked marijuana to be simply because they were curious about it and because “everyone else was doing it” and from there, it only deteriorated. A statistics worth mentioning is that out of those who tried Marijuana before they were 15 years old, over 62% went on to use cocaine while 9% went on to use heroin once or more.

Recovery from drug addiction is a complex and difficult process which takes a lot of effort and determination from the addicts, but there is no doubt whether or not it is worthwhile. Heavy drug addictions only get worse, making the addict more and more dependent on the substance, and losing all they had on the way. After seeing the horrid mugshots of people who have had their lives ruined by these dangerous substances, all we can do is remind you that they can be saved with the right push and proper support. And this is what the next campaign is here to do – It is here to show everyone that full recovery is indeed possible, and to entourage addicts realize that they have a problem and seek help, as well as encourage us to take active measures to help those we know who are addicted.

If you know anyone you fear may be addicted and needs assistance, please don’t hesitate, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try calling the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator at 1-800-662-HELP or visit


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