From Homeless to Millionaire In Less Than Two Years


She made a meager living as a cocktail waitress in Hawaii, and was living out in her car with just two dollars and three cents to her name and $35,000 in debt. Haunted by a childhood filled with brutal and systematic physical and nasty abuse, she attempted suicide following a cocaine binge – but in that moment, ironically, her life changed forever.

Dani Johnson is a multi-millionaire jet-setter who runs five companies and puts many efforts into different charities. But when she was 21 back in 1990, life looked a little different.

Dani was a cocktail waitress in Hawaii, living out of a car with over 30,000$ in debts. She grew up with drug addicted parents who abused and molested her, giving her no real shot at a normal life. She remembers how much she hated cocaine as it was first introduces to her by her parents as a teen. She recalls the violent atmosphere and instability revolving around the house with the presence of cocaine, all of which made her detest the substance, but that wasn’t enough.

On a Christmas Eve she hung out with some other waitresses at the beach for a drink and did her first line. She woke up at 10 am the next morning on her beach mat, eager to get some more of this stuff. She describes walking around asking where she could get more, while her life began revolving around it. During that time, Dani would do anything to get coke. She would give up her body for it, hating herself and believing she had had no chance of turning her life around, she couldn’t believe she got to the very same place she hated seeing her family in for so long, sleeping around for food and drugs, she was so disappointing of herself, she recalls these times: “My life was filled with broken promises and lies and people stealing and people beating me and people hating me and me hating myself even more”, and that was when she attempted suicide. She dove into the ocean thinking that was it, until what she calls a miracle happened, and some said to her ‘Pick up your mat and walk’, and for some reason she did.

The high of coke left and she did not desire it anymore, and that was when she decided that there was more to life, and began asking herself what can she possibly do to get out of this situation, and the first mission was to get a home. For that she needed 4,500$, and she was not making enough for that. She didn’t know anyone and had really no options, until she got an idea. In the backseat of her car these was a weight loss program she had purchased a long time ago, before becoming homeless. Initially she thought “no way”, but then she decided she has nothing to lose, and called the manufacturer from a payphone, to see if she could sell it.


She found out that in order to carry the product in Hawaii she was required me to have licensing – and money, none of which she had. That was when she got resourceful. Dani scribbled a flyer for the program and through a payphone reached out to a small telecommunications company. She decided she would try to build a relationship, to find out what was the cost for their voice mail services. The guy on the other side of the phone said: “Send me a check for $15. Here’s your new number…!” and Dani started getting excited.

She put up her flyer outside of the local Post Office, and three hours later there were 25 messages waiting for her, leaving her absolutely shocked! Very quickly she had over 40 checks at her disposal, and she called up the manufacturer again to get the product. They asked for an address, which she didn’t have, so she managed to convince the people at the nearby liquor store to let her use their address.

The first year, she managed to earn 250K$ dollars by simply selling the weight loss program. By the second year she became a millionaire, and only expanded until she sold her business in 1996 as a multi-millionaire, and she spends these days donating to various charities.

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