Top 5 Safe Holiday Drinking Tips for Alcoholic Drinkers


Our back-to-back Holiday season will not be complete without a toast of that enticing wine. Oftentimes we signify drinking as a sign of success or another milestone. And with so many festivities and parties out there, it can be hard to stay away from that intoxicating drinks. The social pressure we get from our from our friends and colleagues can be overwhelming.

And if you have a history being an alcoholic drinker, you’ll find yourself torn in a difficult spot. If you turn down the offer from your friends, you’ll get worried about hurting their feelings or creating a misunderstanding. But if you won’t and decided to take just one glass, the dreadful feeling of activating your alcoholic behavior will come again. So where should you stand now?

Here are our top 5-holiday drinking tips for you to enjoy festivities without triggering your alcoholism.

1. Talk to Your Family and Friends

familyWe all know how prevention will always be better than cure. So as much as possible, abstain from drinking. If you found yourself in a difficult predicament, make some time to actually talk to your friends and family. Engage in a heart-to-heart talk to them. Voice out your concerns, opinions, and true feelings about the matter.

Make them understand that you’re currently undergoing a difficult transition in life. And that their support on the matter (by not letting you drink) would mean so much more to you. Ask them to help you overcome these temptations. And if they really care for you, they will help you in avoiding these situations rather than tempting you.

2. Opt to Drinking non-alcoholic beverages

beveragesIf you can’t control the situations around you, opt to drink non-alcoholic beverages first. You can have a soda drink, smoothie, or even water as your drink. They are much better than drinking wine. If you found yourself unable to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, try to find an organic, sulfite-free red wine. Why this alcohol, of all things?

It’s because it has the least intoxicating effect than other wines out there. Also, make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water in every shot you make. This is to ensure that you won’t trigger your alcohol habits. It will also help your liver to flush out the toxins quickly. Not only you’re preventing your alcoholism from triggering, but you’re also helping your body to maintain its health.

3. Choose your number ahead of time

If you decide to drink, you need to decide how many shots you should take. And when you do, make sure to stick to it. If it helps, you can browse about blood content so that you’ll have an idea how much you’re able to tolerate and how much you can take. This will help you control yourself in drinking alcoholic beverages. If you started feeling tipsy, we recommend you stop drinking altogether.

4. Designate a driver before the party begins

If you’re driving, we strongly recommend you don’t drink. But if you want to drink, then make sure you have someone else besides you who can take over the job. Never attempt to drink (no matter how small it is) and drive. By now you need to realize that mixing those two is like mixing water and oil. They never mix, and you should never attempt to do that.

So invite a friend, a family member, or someone who don’t drink to drive you home. If you don’t have anyone like that, you can hire a designated driver to do the job for you. This is to ensure your safety after a party night out.

5. Remember that alcohol is a complement, not the purpose.

The Holiday season’s festivities and parties may involved drinking, but keep in mind that it’s only a part of the event. Remember that you’re not attending this party just to drink. You’re celebrating a crucial event with someone, so take this time to bond with your colleagues, families, or friends rather than indulging yourself in drinking. Chitchat with them, laugh with them and share what’s happening in your life so far as you catch up on the things you missed the past couple of years.

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