Photos Both Hillary Clinton & Trump Wish Were Never Taken!



Hillary Clinton lost in the 2016 presidential race, and we are pretty sure Trump wasn’t the only reason. How come? Well, we’ve managed to find these SHOCKING we have no doubt she was trying to hide! And now, everything’s clear. You Must as well check out pictures of The ‘Donald’s. We start with the past and move on to the present – 3 wives, kids everywhere.. this guy did a lot of playing around. take a look at the things he wanted to hide, feel them beneath the surface of these smiles in the photos. Something happens while going through the images, you will reveal the awful truth.

Click NEXT to see for yourself. Wait till you get to #27! Something disturbing emerges from GOING THROUGH the images. Seriously. 

Golden Moment


The Clintons seemed to be enjoying Yasser Arafat’ s company. During this year’s presidential race, Hillary was accused of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel fanaticism discovered within the lines of her emails. Do we know what her point of view on Muslim people is? According to Mrs. Clinton, Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism and instead of talking about Islamic terrorism, she talked about “radical Jihadism” .

In the past, Hillary was a strong supporter of the Jews. During her years as the first lady, she was a frequent speaker at several Jewish organizations. She even included the Jews on her health care reform. Furthermore, Bill was the first US president who attended a High Holiday service. In 1994, Bill and Hillary attended the Rosh Hashanah services on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. However, Hillary’s close relationship with the Jews ended in 1998 when she supported the idea of Palestine being a state. Her comment set off a fury in Israel and many American Jewish groups because it contradicts the US policy that opposes the creation of Palestinian state.

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