How to Help a Loved One Overcome Drug Addiction


Trying to help someone especially a family member or a friend recover from his or her drug addiction entails lots of patience, understanding, commitment and of course, tender loving care. Expect to feel mixed emotions as you lend a hand to a loved one who’s struggling with addiction.

And since this takes lots of time, effort, energy, and even money, we thought of sharing some useful points as to how you can help, motivate and inspire an addict to quit the bad habit and start all over again. Here are things that you can do to make him or her feel that he or she is not alone in overcoming drug dependence.

The Do’s of Helping a Loved One Win This Battle

overcoming drug addiction

Understand the victim and his addiction.
Without being biased and judgmental, know your loved one more – familiarize you with his or her feelings and current situations, what kind of drug he or she used, and the kind of help he or she needs. Learn everything about him or her, the pill or the drug, the addiction itself, and most of all, the treatment and the procedure options as offered by government or private institutions or agencies that he or she may take.

2. Speak up and offer support.
Establishing a support group by encouraging other family members and his or her “real” friends heightens self-worth and boosts his or her confidence that it will all pay off in the end. Making him or she feel that everyone is more than willing to offer help and that all are with him or her in this recovery process. Note that in this kind of struggle, moral support even at its simplest form is indeed vital.

3. Stage professional intervention.
You might be doing all the best that you can but when you think that things seem not to work well, it’s high time that you seek professional help. Although it’s also true that working with him or her solely in the recovery process may also entail risks as you’re not professionally trained to handle cases and situations like this, especially those that are beyond your control, it’s always a good start. Seeking for medical support and professional help reinforces recovery as an ongoing process.

4. Express love and utmost concern.
If you’ve found out that a family member or a friend is having a struggle on drug dependence at an earlier stage, take the initiative to respond to the core problem the soonest time possible. Don’t wait for your loved one to be at his or her worst, get hooked on drugs even further, experience the most horrible consequences, or yes, “hit the bottom.”

When faced with this very tough situation, it is best that you prepare yourself for whatever can happen. You may encounter excuses, denial or even anger along the way, but remember to stay focused on your target. Blaming him or her, dwelling on the consequences, and having self-pity or guilt will surely not do anything well. Instead, be consistent in showing genuine concern about him or her while emphasizing that long-term recovery is what you all desire.

The Don’ts of Helping a Loved One Get Off Drugs

drug addiction helpIn as much as you’d like to help to make him or her quit, it is a must that you bear the following points in mind. Doing this, let you not overdo things and even overreact on situations that you will all encounter.

Stop preaching. You’re there to lend a helping hand and not to lecture, moralize, bribe, threaten, or scold the victim if your patience, at times, runs out.

Don’t let him be too dependent on you. Remember that assuming or taking over their responsibilities can only do more harm than good. Undergoing each recovery phase is essential and that includes facing the consequences of their behavior. Overprotecting them from these is definitely a wrong move.

Never conceal. You should not try to make excuses or lie to cover up them and their behavior. Bear in mind that acceptance is always a significant part of recovery.

Don’t let too many emotions set in. Avoid emotional appeals that may only increase feelings of guilt and anxiety.

With all these tips, you are good to go. Victory is never easy and so as struggling the battle against drug addiction. But then again, it’s always worth it.


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