Frequently Asked Questions about Rehabilitation Centers: What You Should Know?


Every year, millions of people enter drug rehabs in the US alone. While rehab helps many people, the majority of them had been to rehab before and then relapsed after they went home. In fact, one in ten has been to rehab five or more times before.

For a family making their choice from a bewildering variety of different programs and different promises, an education in what to look for in a program can save both money and heartbreak. When a family knows just what to ask a rehab facility before trusting a loved one to their care, they can more accurately choose a rehab that fits their needs.

To help relatives make the right choices of rehabilitation service, here are some of the things that a family should consider before they make their decision.

Rehabs are more like urban refuges than high-walled confines. If you are trying to spring back to life but you cannot help doing drugs, a rehab or rehabilitation center is the place you should spend some time in. Contrary to popular beliefs, spending time in rehab is no way similar to serving prison time.

Check accommodation.

Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers these days have custom-designed private rooms with nice furniture, TV sets and all the basic amenities you would normally expect at your home, or maybe in a hotel. Moreover, most rehab owners build their centers on the countryside, so that their residents can take pleasure in the serene ambiance all around.

Well, it’s definitely not the aesthetics of a facility like this that should be the only reason for you to spend a few days or months in a rehab, but the overall comfort you would get during a treatment is what really matters. For example, if your room has a small kitchen attached to it, it would certainly make your rehab days more comfortable. Most facilities these days also have medical care centers within the premises, and proximity to an airport might also be a plus.

Take this TRIO into Consideration.

While choosing a rehab, you need to check three factors – what food they serve, how comfortable the sleeping arrangement is and how well they treat the patients.

Don’t expect a cafeteria-style eatery in all rehabs, but many of them have open-air dining facilities that serve locally sourced or well-cooked food to their residents.

Chances are that you would be asked to follow a strict diet for getting out of drug addiction, and if the rehab you have chosen serves excellent food, it becomes easier for you to follow the prescribed diet. Make sure that the rehab you choose actually cares about your overall well-being. Nutrition, as we all know, is integral to healthy living.

Do you hate it when you are asked to sleep in a large dormitory? There are still quite a few drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that have only large dormitories for their guests, but some of them have large and luxurious facilities where you can expect a more private sleeping arrangement.

A couple of rehabs these days let their dwellers enjoy privacy and luxury which you can only find in upscale hotels. You can sleep in a private room, join regular therapeutic sessions in the common living space and take bath in the attached bathroom. Celebs who want to get rid of their addiction often choose these rehabs.

Lastly, you ought to check what kind of therapy they provide.

Does the rehab provide group therapy? Can you take part in individual and one-on-one sessions with the therapists? Can you avail both? A facility does not qualify as a rehab just because it is fully clean and offers many amenities, but it needs to serve the main purpose too. There are rehab centers that treat drug addiction with feng shui, yoga, and many other innovative methods.

Review your therapy options.

Before entering a rehab center, you should see what kind of therapy it has to offer. Therapy is the backbone of rehab. Working with a therapist will allow you to explore your addiction. You will try to get to the bottom of the why’s and how’s you were so drawn to using drugs and alcohol.

Looking at your situation from the outside can allow you to realize how your actions damaged your health and relationships. Speaking with a therapist can help you recover, mentally, from those decisions.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is also another solid foundation to build for yourself. CBT is a therapy method used to prevent relapse. Learning how to identify and correct problematic behaviors or actions can be applied in order to stop drug or alcohol abuse. Recognizing a bad or tense situation is half the battle to avoiding it. Putting yourself in a spot where it is hard to deny using drugs or alcohol is dangerous. CBT can help you avoid those situations moving forward in life.

One parting advice, you should always visit a rehab center before getting admitted.

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