How Do You Cure Sugar Addiction?


Sugar Addiction Can Be Fixed If Only You Are Willing To Cooperate

It’s one of the most common forms of food addiction in the world. There is that intense yearning to eat something sweet that gives you just sheer pleasure from giving in to that craving. Being hooked on sweets can be harmless when you’re still young and do not have a history in the family of diabetes. Although, in the long run, stuffing your body with loads of sugar can be dangerous. It’s fine to satisfy a craving once in a while, but once it gets out of hand, then something has to be done.

Sugar addiction is less serious than drug or alcohol abuse, but its effects on the body cannot be overemphasized either. Just so you’d understand how to stave off this condition, here are some insights worth considering:

It’s The Taste


People with sugar cravings are in it for the sweet taste of the food or drink. Like a drug, igniting the taste buds from the sweet intake gives a subjective, pleasurable sensation to the person, bringing feelings of satisfaction and happiness. But did you know that you can actually train your taste buds gradually to lower the tolerance for sweets? There were experiments done before in the US that “tested” sugar addicts by not letting them take in any sugar nor artificial sweetener for two weeks. The result:  Majority of the subjects reported that the craving disappeared after a few days into the trial, and more than eighty percent didn’t have withdrawal effects after a week. Even more amazing was the finding that almost all of them had somewhat decreased their tolerance for the sweet taste – explaining that what used to be sweet enough for them had become sweeter.

Can You Win Over Your Addiction?

Absolutely, you can conquer your sugar addiction but it starts with nothing but discipline. Not one of the strategies you will see below would work if you have not set your mind onto the objective of getting rid of your addiction. So, consider doing these simple but effective strategies:

Go For Fruits

The best source of healthy sugar is on fruits which have fructose. It is a form of carbohydrate that is filling and  metabolized by the body differently than candies. But a word of warning though: consuming too much fruit (especially cherries or grapes that have high sugar content) is not good, because it has been associated with development of belly fat, and worse, type 2 diabetes.

Say No To Artificial Sweeteners

While aspartame, saccharine, sucralose, and stevia are able to help people with bloodsugar-level problems, they do not do much to cut the craving. Since they taste much like sugar, you tend to gorge up or continue munching sweet food, thinking that it’s safe because of the artificial sugar. Unfortunately, it has been reported that frequently taking in food and drinks with artificial sweeteners can be associated with weight gain. So it’s best to go easy on these sweeteners.

Get Rid Of Temptations

Sugar addiction infographAt home or in your workplace, you can help your situation by giving away all your sugary items in the pantry, kitchen, room, or drawer. Forget the justification of “break-glass-in-case-of-emergency” because having a reserve candy bar with you (unless you’re a diabetic) only makes it easy for you to slip during your withdrawal stage.

Create An Outlet

Do other distracting but productive activity to kill the craving like perhaps cleaning your room, taking a walk, or anything that would take your mind off the feeling. If you’re feeling angry, eat controlled portions of fruits or a carrot stick — any other healthy snack to satisfy your hunger.

Check Your Magnesium

Studies have pointed to the role of magnesium in cravings. It was revealed that people who have inadequate amounts of mineral magnesium manifest a strong, and sometimes completely uncontrollable urge to binge, particularly on sweets and carbohydrates. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure, strengthen bones, keep steady the heart rhythm. It is crucial for you to eat food rich in such mineral, or take food supplements. Magnesium deficiency can lead to debilitating illnesses such as osteoporosis, liver disease, and thyroid problems.

It takes a few simple steps to get away from your condition without looking back. You may have your ‘cheat day’ once in a while perhaps to reward yourself, but only if you think that you are completely over and done with your sugar addiction.

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