Celebrate Sobriety with these Sobriety Gift Ideas


Life is full of celebration but only if you are willing to celebrate. And if you are thinking of celebrating with someone who is still recovering from an addiction then it becomes a little tricky to decide what to do and what not to. You might be spending hours on trying to choose a perfect sobriety gift for your loved-one who is still suffering from addiction or is in addiction recovery. Worry not there is a long list of gifts that will help in showing your love. Ideally, you should choose something that will help them during their challenging journey through recovery. Here are some ideas of recovery gifts that will definitely inspire your “special” to enjoy the sober holidays.

A Journal / Diary

A number of rehabilitation experts encourage addicts to start writing in a diary. Writing down one’s thoughts, experiences and emotions can be a great way to process, acknowledge and relieve one’s stress. It also helps in feeling more focused and mentally balanced. This process is known as Writing Therapy, and it helps the addicts put their stresses onto paper. This technique stops them from brooding too much over any concerns in their heads, which makes them suffer anxiety and doubt. One of the best advantages of keeping a journal is that an addict can browse back, and see their past struggles and improvements over coming years, making it an excellent sobriety gift them.

Gift Them Real ‘Rush’

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Most addicts began using in the first place because they wanted to feel the rush in their veins or a sense of being “alive”. Gift them a healthy excitement. If you can go extreme, take them for Skydiving, Shark Cage Diving, one of the guaranteed methods of a healthy rush of adrenaline. If the receiver of your gift is not so extreme, then go for something less intense, like a calming canoe ride, picnic at the beach or in the park.

A Book (or Two)

There are books that give some of the best advice and insight on recovery, being sober or any form of recovery self-help. These books are then an ideal sobriety gifts for a recovering person. They will surely love them because it’s easy to carry and always motivates them. Some of the books available are:


The spa is one of the luxurious ways to treat your loved one.  Offering them a couple of spa treatments, or a full spa day luxury is a brilliant gift. Often recovering addicts have a lot of health problems, and having a day of pampering would eliminate toxins caused by their previous abuse, leaving them feeling boosted and refreshed, with increased confidence levels and less stress.

Meditation Beads

Whenever an addict is feeling overwhelmed or tempted in any situation, they can simply hold meditation beads in their hand while practicing some mental mindfulness therapy exercises. Just by holding something physical they are reminded of their past struggles and future goals, and this is quite comforting. The advantages of these beads are that they can be carried anywhere and are easily accessible.

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Compact Mirror

A small compact mirror is a lovely sobriety gift because it will always remind of the person of who they are now. “Someone who is willful, strong, and sober.” This can be an excellent gift to get engraved as well!

Picture Collage

While it’s always important for addicts to remember that they are always loved and cherished by the people in their life. A collage of pictures of you and your loved-one is one such gift. Whenever they will see the joy in these photos, it will always work as a reminder that their sobriety is their true path towards happiness.

A Special Night

Many of us want to splurge on our loved-ones, but often financial troubles obstruct us. However, there are many others ways to spoil them without getting nervous:

  • Prepare their favorite dish and set the table with decorations and candles
  • Offer them breakfast in bed with a vase of hand-picked flowers on the tray
  • Rent their favorite movies, make their favorite snacks

Your time will be more precious than anything. Quality time spent together will deepen the trust and bond between you and your loved one. Spending time, instead of money, will show them just how much they mean to you, and will inspire them to see their own self-worth – which is actually the perfect gift.

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