Benefits of Sharing your Addiction Recovery Story


Most of the addiction treatment programs include different types of group therapy or meetings where all the members of the group are required to speak about their personal experiences in addiction. Well, this is not a coincidence. Sharing your addiction story is not only beneficial to you but listening to others’ stories also helps in quick recovery as well.

Learn How Sharing Your Addiction Recovery Story Benefits You

With passing time the physical symptoms of drug addiction fade away as the addict gets sober, but the psychological effects still remain for many years. Sharing your addiction recovery story, however, can help in healing those wounds faster than if you kept the story to yourself. Learn how sharing your story is good for your own recovery in the following ways:

Image result for Benefits of Sharing your Addiction Recovery StoryHelps You Remember The Consequences

Whether you share your story at a group meeting or put it on the web openly, either way, you will be reliving the tormenting details of your past. This method prompts you to remember the darkest times of your life when your addiction took you to the worst. Talking about it and its consequences like you lost a spouse, your job, house, or even saw people around you die will help you. The more you remember about your terrible feelings and the bad things that happened because of it, the more likely you will stay focused on getting healthy in addiction recovery.

Minimizes Loneliness

Sharing your personal stories with others helps in building a sense of community. Sharing can be done through any mode, be it face to face, online public journals, meetings or with your friends. Your decision to open up will not only generate people’s supports but it also a great way to minimize any loneliness you might feel during addiction recovery. Always remember that you are not alone. And there are people to support you.\

Boosts Confidence

If you simply replay your journey from addiction to recovery you can receive a boost to your confidence that will help keep you from relapsing. And if you have come this far, you are a really strong person, and you can achieve anything you want.

It Can Be A Rewarding Experience

It’s really incredible and rewarding when you find that your story has a positive impact on others. The more you share your story, the more chances of inspiring others to get sober, to stay sober and to share their own personal addiction recovery stories.

It Allows You Freedom

Past mistakes can often create a feeling of shame which causes emotional distress and can trigger the urge. However sharing feelings in a supportive environment helps you to free yourself from these negative feelings, and it also opens you up for more positive emotional feedback that will help you on your road to recovery. The more you share your story the lighter you will feel, and freer each time.

Also, Learn How Sharing Your Story Can Benefits Others Too

1. Encouragement

When you allow others to see what you have been through and what you have overcome on your road to addiction recovery, it encourages others who are feeling helpless. Knowing that someone has been in the same shoes and is now doing very well will definitely encourage them to keep the journey going.

2. Education

Most people do not understand the disease of addiction or what addicts go through. But if we educate people on the struggles and realities related to addiction, it will decrease the stigma and help people to start an honest conversation about the disease. This will hopefully result in more addicts getting the right help they need.

3. Hope

Having someone close an addict and hearing them how you overcame addiction will bring hope to fight back. Answering to their questions as honestly as possible is a viable thing to do. Anything you offer could potentially help them in struggling with addiction.

Overcome the Fear of Sharing your Recovery Story

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Opening up to people you hardly know about your past and present struggles is really a scary feeling. But the above are just a few ways in which you can help both yourself and as well as others by opening up. Start with internet support group if you are shy, or write a blog. It will not go viral, but if your story reaches at least one person, you are making a great contribution to their addiction recovery success. An essential part of addiction recovery is a sense of community because Sharing is Caring.

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