Are There Any Free Rehab Centers?


Most people struggling with drub or alcohol addictions find the high costs of a treatment an ever more alarming reason to renounce this process, or believe it’s just not an option as they truly can’t afford it.

What you should know is that there are several options for charge-free rehabilitation centers and money should not stop you if you need a treatment. First of all there are government and state funded centers, which may not have the must advanced technologies but can sure help you on the road to recovery. State funded programs are available to local residents with no insurance and very low and nonexistent incomes.

Some patients will even receive priority when applying, such as pregnant women or young moms who need help with drug abuse and alcoholism and can’t afford it.

Another option for drug free centers is faith-based assistance groups such as the Christian Salvation Army or Orthodox Jewish Chabad movement who facilitate rehabilitation centers. These groups operate centers based on the traditions and ideologies of their faith thus very appropriate for followers of a certain religion or faith.

It is often perceived that only the very expensive and posh centers can actually help you rehabilitate and start over for good, however there have been several studies showing that the outcomes from providing treatment are much more effective than the alternatives of providing no treatment, minimal treatment, or attempting self-rehabilitation.

In addition, the government and state are supporting and funding several rehabilitation treatments as it is also for their benefit – it is clearly more beneficial to have working and healthy citizens rather than leaving them searching for a cure, or not searching and living out much worse scenarios.

Even if you don’t qualify for a free government or state center due to a slightly higher income, insurance or what ever reason – there are some more options available for you. For one, many insurance companies provide financial aid in such circumstances, and as does the affordable care act which can be deemed helpful. In addition, you can approach several loan and scholarship programs such as the SAMHSA grant.

Nonetheless, the most important and helpful help comes from people. From friends, family. loved ones, and even people going through the same battle. Other than public local support groups such as AA, NA, and many more. Even though these aren’t enough for a full recovery and more drastic measures should be taken, these groups can provide the friendly and supportive environment that is so needed at such hard times.

All of the above options, as helpful and supportive as they may be, should be accompanied with the help and understanding of the people closest to us, such as family, friends, and spouses – whose love and support will lift us and help us battle every obstacle and recover from these dangerous self-destructing habits. Both you and your loved ones will be much happier and healthier once you recover from these addictions.


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