9 Things People Completely Get Wrong About Anxiety


Last year Zayn Malik made the news when he had to cancel his big scheduled performance at London’s Capital Summertime Ball due to anxiety, and then only he pointed out that everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. More than 40 million adult Americans are struggling with one of many forms of anxiety and this surely had led to spread of misinformation and rumors floating around.  

An anxiety disorder is a mental health disorder defined by feelings of worry, anxiety, and fear that are strong enough to mess with one’s daily life.

It seems that while anxiety is very common, there’s a lot people still don’t get it. As there’s is no one shot all cure for anxiety, our first step should be separating fact from fiction. Moreover, with United State’s Economic Burden of Anxiety Disorders spending more than $42 billion each year for anxiety treatments, we surely need to bust some myths about anxiety.

Here are 9 things people misunderstand about anxiety !!

Drugs and alcohol might give you a moment’s relief from the effects of anxiety, but in the end, these substances will work against you.

1 – Anxiety is not a disease

People with an anxiety disorder are often misunderstood as “oversensitive” or “exaggerated”, this is the problem, it’s a disease and should be considered as one. However it can’t be detected in tests and blood samples, it can be diagnosed and treated by the doctors.

2 – Abstaining from stressed environments

We all have a dream of sneaking away from stress and strain of everyday life, which never comes true. If you’re a victim, you need to understand that not every unexpected event or situation is gonna trigger anxiety and you should figure out a way to deal with it in a healthy way.

3 – Anxiety is Incurable

Even though anxiety is highly treatable, about two-thirds of people suffering from anxiety leave it untreated. If you suspect about yourself, get it diagnosed with a proper medical health professional. For next step, you can learn to manage it with help of a qualified therapist.

4- You can’t make an Anxious person relax

Scientists and researchers suggest the best way put an anxious person at ease are to ask questions from them. Instead of going on assumptions of what they might need, we should take directions from them.

5 – Anxiety gets better with time

People suffering from anxiety often leave it untreated as they hope that “things will get better with time”, but the truth be told, anxiety generally worsens over time. More than fifty percent of people diagnosed with anxiety are also a victim of some form of depression, which also needs attention.

6 – Anxiety makes lazy and weak

Anxiety can sometimes make you fall into depression making that person seem lazy, but it’s just not the truth. Anxiety can drain you, forcing you to stay motionless in bed but that’s not laziness or weakness.

7 – Anxiety makes one incapable of intimate relationships

This is quite a misinformation people have in their mind which is totally fake by the way. In fact a person facing anxiety are really good at understanding people’s emotions because of their fight with anxiety. In other words, they have the power of understanding and making life exciting for the people they’re with.

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8 – Wine and Pot to be good anxiety solutions

Although having a reputation of “taking the edge off” beer and weed aren’t going to relax anyone facing anxiety disorder. In long term, these intoxicants can be reinforcing anxiety. Self-medication is the most common problem with people facing anxiety making them face addiction on top of anxiety disorder. Drug and alcohol can give moment’s relief but in a long shot, it’s will for sure work against you. So as we say, “It’s not just worth it !!.”

9 – Ignorance is Bliss

Most of the people think avoiding situations triggering their disorder can be dealt with avoidance, and can be cured eventually, however, Scientists have to say otherwise. David Spiegel, Stanford University’s associate head of psychiatry and behavioral sciences states, “Avoiding [what you’re fearful of]makes it like it isn’t happening — and the more you avoid it the worse it gets. For people with phobias, the only experience they have [with that particular stressor]is a horrible one but it is possible to normalize it. The more you deal with things that stress you out, the more master you have over them”

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