5 Most Common Questions About Rehab


Checking into rehab can be scary. Not only because you are not always sure you are ready to give up drugs or alcohol for good, but mostly because you have no idea what to expect. So, we thought one of the first steps before taking action should be to get some answers for some of your most common concerns:

Can I Leave If I Want To?

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Of course, patients can leave at any time. The reason is that substance (whether drug or alcohol) rehab is only truly effective when the patient wants to be there and is committed to get rid of their addictive habits.

How Much Does It Cost?

The available rehabilitation centers range from luxury expensive treatment centers to very basic and free centers. People of all incomes (including none) can find a center adequate to their budget and receive treatment to their addictions. Bear in mind how expensive it is to remain addicted. Don’t only calculate the high prices of alcohol and drugs, but also the loss of work productivity, possible criminal fines and medical consequences. In fact, by spending money on a good rehabilitation treatment you are actually saving up money in the future.

How Long Does It Take?

The time one spends at a rehabilitation center varies according to his or her progress, but the standard time for a rehab process is about 28 days, the progress can also take several months. The amount of time a patient spends in the rehab facility depends on his or her healing progress. Doctors and counselors may suggest an early release for the patient, or they may request that the patient stay in rehab longer than expected.

What If I Relapse?

images (1)Relapse is not viewed as failure in the eyes of rehab professionals, but as another obstacle on the road to recovery. Meaning, in order to truly overcome one’s battle with addiction, they need to be fully determined and relapse only provides them a window back, and helps them reassess their path and become even more devoted to recover and maintain sobriety.

Will Rehab Cure Me Once And For All?

That is a complex question and the answer is complex as well. Rehab will not just magically cure you, it takes hard work and dedication and the only one that can really cure you is you. However, rehab can make realize you are a much better version of yourself without drugs or alcohol and provide you with the tools and skills to stay strong in the face of temptation to eventually cure yourself and rehabilitate.

We hope we helped! We now recommend that you contact a professional mental health therapist of your local rehab center and start the journey to recovery! Good luck and stay strong!

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