4 Reasons To Quit Smoking, EVEN During Alcoholism Recovery


There is a common misconception that quitting smoking while on recovery from alcoholism may cause a relapse or enhance withdrawal symptoms, so people choose to just continue smoking thinking they will get to it at some point. In fact, that is a mistake. Quitting smoking, at any point in your life, is the right choice, and here’s why.

Tobacco Is More Lethal Than Alcohol

First of all, people tend to think that alcoholism is life threatening, so if smoking helps you stop drinking, it’s okay. That’s WRONG. In the long run – more people die from smoking than they do from heavy drinking. Moreover, smoking and drinking together highly increase your odds of getting cancer.

Quitting Will Not Make You Relapse

Former alcoholics who have been sober for long often use the excuse that quitting smoking may threaten their sobriety. Scientists have examined the matter and proved it completely wrong. In fact, quitting will actually help you maintain sobriety – especially if you were a heavy drinker and smoker – activities that are often combined. It has also been suggested it would be more difficult to quit smoking if you are a recovering alcoholic, but that, as well, is not true – most addicts in rehab or in early recovery are quite successful in their efforts to quit smoking and start a whole new lifestyle.

It Will Not Make Your Life More Stressful

Rehab sure is no piece of cake. The drastic change in your habits and lifestyle routine, along with the pressure or success and fear of relapse – it’s not easy at all to get your life back in the right direction. But it will prove itself worthwhile forever afterward. Even though at the moment it seems as though smoking helps you relax and calms your anxiety and stress, but this is all fake. In fact, quitting smoking will make you a lot less stressful and will definitely relax your anxiety.

It Will Not Make You Gain Weight 

Today, people are more interested in looking thin than in actually being healthy, and since they’ve heard once upon a time that quitting smoking will make you gain weight, they instantly shy away from it. Another misconception. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle and don’t overcompensate on the loss of cigarettes by overeating, you should be fine. By combining exercise and a healthy diet you should be feeling and looking much better. There are those who did gain weight while quitting, but the average for that is about 5-10 pounds, which can easily be managed and sure is worth the feeling you have when you are maintaining a healthy life.

Have you ever heard of anyone who has quit smoking or drinking and regretted it? no, right? All of those who have overcome these obstacles have come out happier and stronger, and so will you. All in all, smoking is bad for you. As far as you’ve come by giving up your alcohol addiction, you should really consider becoming even healthier by quitting cigarettes as well and simply living out a healthy life, you won’t regret it.

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